What camera to use to get a nice photos?

June 13, 2019  •  2 Comments

Hey all,


Recently I received so many questions about what camera to use to get nice photos and honestly I don't have a proper answer. It really depends on what are you going to use the camera - taking family pictures, travel photography, shoot nature or whatever you see and what would you expect? Do you need the camera for a hobby or for more professional purposes?  But to give you a little bit more idea what to expect from the very different camera types I can explain more about the basic models here.

So generally you can find the following types of cameras to choose from:



Obviously, this type of camera is the most popular one, because firstly of their smaller size and ease of using and secondary because of their prize. These cameras are fully automated and you don't have to worry about the camera settings and also you don't have manual adjustments to the camera settings, so littery you just point and shoot (the other name of this type of cameras). That's it - simple and easy!



The main difference between Bridge and Compact cameras is that you have a little bit more control over the camera exposure settings. They have semi-automated modes like Program modes, Aperture, and Shutter priority. Most of them have full manual mode as well. Bridge cameras have a lens attached but the main difference from the DSLR cameras is that you can't change the lens. Also, they have a smaller sensor and a smaller lens. So the good thing about these cameras is that you have a little bit more control over your settings and also, they are not so expensive compared with DSLR cameras. 



This type of camera is very similar to DSLR cameras and just like them have full and crop sensors (I will write about these in my future blog posts). You can use full manual mode, which gives you more freedom and creative points or you can use automatic or semi-automatic modes. Also, you can use different lenses for different situations, but the lenses here are quite smaller than the DSLR cameras, even those the quality of the images taken is very good and very similar to the DSLR cameras. So if you prefer good quality images but a smaller size camera and not so heavy this is the right camera for you. 



DSLR or digital single lens reflex cameras are the most advanced type of cameras on the market. Definitely, they are much bigger and heavier than all other cameras but you have full control of your settings and full creative control as well. You can use many different types of lenses for different situations and photography purposes and the quality of the lenses is much better than the other camera types which makes the quality of the images much better too. 

So as you can see there is a variety of a different type of cameras and choosing the right one for you really depend from your knowledge, purpose, and preferences and I have not even mentioned the action cameras and the mobile ones. Nowadays mobile photography is so popular that soon mobile phones will replace Compact Cameras. The best advice I can give you before you buy a camera is to go to the local photography store and just try different models, ask for details and compare the types to see if they suit your needs.

I really hope this brief blog post was useful and helpful for you!

Please feel free to connect with me, any blog post suggestions are very welcome too!

Have a great and relaxed weekend..:)


Petya xx


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