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Hello dear friends,


nowadays there are so many different areas in modern photography but what is really an interesting topic is black and white vs color photography.


So how do you pick one?

To answer this question I think is a good idea to see the benefits of both styles.




  • B&W images are more timeless and classic
  • no color no distraction - B&W photography keeps you focused on the actual composition and texture in the images
  • B&W photography hides imperfections in the photos ( irritated skin and facial complexions will be masked)
  • more artistic look
  • emotional state
  • getting attention with dramatic shadows and backlit
  • reminds us of the past days






  • catches the eye
  • mood the images (warm colors convey joy and happiness, cold colors - sadness and loneliness)
  • you can experiment with a different combination of colors
  • using colors can define your unique visual style
  • emotional state
  • better for some kind of photography (product, macro/nature photography)


petya nikolova photographypetya nikolova photography


Both black and white and color photography can be artistic and emotional. There is no right or wrong answer when deciding whether to convert that shot, but it’s not something that should be done automatically. The question is whether the image works better in black and white or color and which emotions it evokes.

You can see some examples of images in both styles below.

And it will be interesting for me how do you decide whether to make an image black and white or color? Share with us in the comments below. 


20170416- petya nikolova photography-15120170416- petya nikolova photography-151 20170416- petya nikolova photography-15020170416- petya nikolova photography-150 20180126- birthday party-17020180126- birthday party-170 20180126- birthday party-17120180126- birthday party-171 20170417- petya nikolova photography-3820170417- petya nikolova photography-38

20170417- petya nikolova photography-3920170417- petya nikolova photography-39

petyanikolovaphotography-36petyanikolovaphotography-36 petyanikolovaphotography-37petyanikolovaphotography-37 petyanikolovaphotography-95petyanikolovaphotography-95 petyanikolovaphotography-96petyanikolovaphotography-96 20170416- petya nikolova photography-28920170416- petya nikolova photography-289 20170416- petya nikolova photography-29020170416- petya nikolova photography-290 20181006- petya nikolova photography-18620181006- petya nikolova photography-186 20181006- petya nikolova photography-18720181006- petya nikolova photography-187 flowers-7flowers-7


petyanikolovaphotography-72 2petyanikolovaphotography-72 2 petyanikolovaphotography-73petyanikolovaphotography-73 petyanikolovaphotography-72petyanikolovaphotography-72







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