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Hello all,


a cake smash photo session is all about the fun experience and the memories. It's a GREAT way to add a little bit of extra sparkle to a first birthday celebration.

I know every photographer has their own way of doing things so I would tell you how a first birthday and cake smash photography session happens here at Petya Nikolova Photography..:)

petya nikolova photography-20petya nikolova photography-20 Cake smash birthday session takes about 1 hour and happens in two parts (for now) - portraits and the smashing. Later on, I think to add a third part - bubble bath so please check my webpage for updates regularly!


Session starts with me photographing the baby dressed in a cute outfit prepared by parents. I will have a colorful backdrop in grey and blue and grey and pink and accessories for the shoo, such as bunting, balloons and paper flowers.  I am using lots of props as well - teddies, toys, and others. The portrait portion of the session can include baby only or siblings and family portraits. 




petya nikolova photography-45petya nikolova photography-45

Then the next part is THE CAKE SMASH!


I personally do not provide the cake fort he session, but I do know great cake bakers and I will be happy to provide you with their information!

We start by changing clothes with cake smash outfits provided by me or you can bring your own favorite one.

Be prepared for a mess..:)

I recommend bringing a change of clothes for you and the baby. This part of the shoot often goes quite quickly and it's typically child-led.

After the smash part, we just clean up the child with cleaning wipes and change the clothes with a new and clean outfit.

petya nikolova photography-38petya nikolova photography-38 Cake smash photo session can happen in the studio or outside. It also doesn't have to be a cake - could be cookies, donuts or just an ice cream..:) This type of sessions can be done for more than one year old too - it works well for two and three years old children.

So whenever you've already booked a cake smash session with me, or you are thinking of doing so, you can be sure that you will have an experience like no other!


What should I keep in mind regarding the Cake?


  • Safety - please note a baby may be allergic to wheat, egg, refined sugar among other things. For that reason, I always ask the parents to bring the cake. This also allows them to choose the design and color.
  • Smash cake colors - pink, white, yellow and green and blue photograph well and match most of the backdrops. Avoid chocolate and red unless it's very suitable for a special themed session.
  • Smash cake decorations - go with whipped or buttercream frosting so it's easy to dig into. Avoid fondant - it's tough to break and can be choking hazard. 


The Cake Smash clean up plan


  • In the studio - I make sure to keep baby wipes, kitchen paper rolls, brush, dustpan and trash bags in my studio at all times!
  • Parents bring - extra part of clothes for all family members attending and bags to take the dirty clothes home.


CAKE SMASH TIPS for parents


Schedule session around 11 to 13 months age.

Think about the theme and colors you would like to use.

I recommend you purchase your own cake.

Cake with regular soft frosting is ideal.

Avoid frozen cakes and chocolate frosting.

Small cakes 6" to 8" inches work best.

Pick an outfit that matches your chosen colors.

Outfits will get messy so keep that in mind.

Enjoy the memories!


petya nikolova photography-7petya nikolova photography-7





[email protected] / www.nikolovaphotography.com




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