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I often get asked what kind of photo gear I use, so I thought I'd share all about it in a blog post.

Before I present you my essential gear list I would like to remind you something very important - your camera DOESN"T take the photograph - YOU DO! Your camera is just a tool to create images but the most important thing is to know how to use your camera to get the best results and to learn about photography in more detail - lighting, focusing, appertute, shutter speed, manual mode and many more.





  • CANON 5D MARK IV - I use this camera for most of my photography.




  • CANON 6D MARK II - I use this as a backup camera and also often when I shoot events because of the ISO range of the camera - ISO 100-25600




  • CANON LENSE EF 24-70mm F/4L - I use this lens for almost everything from studio and environmental sessions to travel and lifestyle photography. I wish I had the expensive version of the lens - 24-700 F2.8 L but it's on my wishlist for now..:)



  • CANON LENSE EF 85MM F1.8 USM - this one is one of my favorite outdoor portrait lenses. Shooting more telephoto with an 85 MM allows you to capture more details.  



  • SIGMA ART LENSE 35MM F1.4 DG HSM - I am using this lens for longer effective focal length portraits (especially in my small home studio) but use it for street photography, architecture and macro photos as well. 



  • CANON LENSE EF 50MM F1.8 STM LENS - I use it mainly as a backup lens for my portrait photography. 



  • CANON 430 EX II SPEEDLITE CAMERA FLASHGUN - MUST have gear! I use it for ANY event and some outdoor sessions as a fill light.  


   shopping 600shopping 600

  • CANON 600 EX-RT SPEEDLITE FLASHGUN - again is MUST have gear! But please note you will need more energy for using that one so you really need extra batteries! 



  • HOYA POLARISING FILTERS - Essential for most photographers.



  • FLASH BATTERIES - make sure you always have more and there is 2500mAh. I personally find this brand and model the best and lasting more and also be sure there is rechargeable. 



  • EXTRA CANON LP-EGN BATTERIES - when you buy your camera it comes with one battery only so shooting for a long period of time will require at least three batteries! Batteries are an ABSOLUTE MUST! You always need more of them in your camera bag! I personally prefer CANON ones because they last more and are with the best quality but obviously, they are the most expensive ones too.



  • BATTERY GRIP BG-E13 - this one is just for my 6D Canon Body but definitely very useful, the only concern is that you need to bring more batteries with you all the time. I hope to get one for my 5D Body soon..:) 




  • EXTRA SD MEMORY CARDS - Photographing events can eat into your memory like a heavy night on the tiles. The bigger camera sensors get, the bigger the files that come out of them are, so always make sure you have extra memory cards with you! Personally, I bring at least four (64GB) and prefer SANDISK EXTREME PRO - the most expensive ones but with the best quality. Also, the speedy ones are the better ones! 



  • CANON CHARGER - Always in my bag!


shopping chargershopping charger

  • TRIPOD - it's good to have it all the time with you but honestly I only bring it with me when I know I will need it or my husband will be with me to carry it..:) When you get one of this just be sure the one you chose will hold the weight! 



  • EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE - Whenever I transfer important photos onto my computer, I make sure that I import them into an external hard drive at the same time. This means that I have access to separate back-ups. Bigger size is better..:)
  • 2951913-a2951913-a  
  • MANFROTTO CAMERA BAG - Must have! Especially travel with all gears, this one will protect your equipment and will keep it safe! 


shopping bagshopping bag

  • CLEANING TOOLS - I am using this all the time and definitely I am happy! 



  • LIGHTROOM -  I use Lightroom to edit all my photographs. This software is specifically designed for photographers, and it makes editing very easy and quick. I have the photographer subscription, which gives me access to the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. 


  • PHOTOSHOP - I use Photoshop after I have edited my photos with Lightroom, to add some finishing touches (mostly getting rid of specks of dust, cat’s hair, and imperfections in the flowers).


I have personal experience with every item on this camera essential gear list and would recommend them all. I’ve spent a fair bit of money in the past on equipment I didn’t need, so learn from my mistakes and bookmark this list now!


Thanks for reading! I hope it was helpful for you..;)


Petya xx








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