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Christmas is that magical time of the year when it's full of shiny decorations, Christmas trees and lights, Christmas mood and smiles, gingerbread cookies, pine candles, and all the family together. So it's not surprised I really love Christmas, I love to shoot family portraits at Christmas, children smile, home decorations and lights and that's why today I am going to give you some useful tips what to do when you photograph Christmas portraits at home. 

Christmas Collage newChristmas Collage new


1. Capture the preparation

Decoration time is one of the best family Christmas time, full of joy and wonderful for photographing all the family together in their very natural way - smiling, creating the Christmas atmosphere. Take photos of open the boxes with Christmas toys and children expression, putting the light on, the Christmas tree decoration, especially the star or angel on the top of the tree and another very important moment when the tree is ready and family switching on the lights - just priceless!


2. Take as many photos as possible of the whole family around the Christmas tree and Christmas table and don't forget to focus on the eyes. You can use flash with most indoor Christmas photos, but remember the ambient light will be raised by Christmas lights and you don't want the vibrant colors to be washed. 


3. Family group photos

Usually, at Christmas, all the family is getting together and there is no better way to celebrate than taking group family photo with all parents, grandparents, and children around the tree and holding presents, having Christmas hats and headbands. Just be sure you place and compose all the people and fitting in the frame. It's recommended to use a tripod for best results or even camera timing if you would like to be in the picture too..:)


4. Let the music play

What is Christmas with no Christmas songs..? Playing Christmas music definitely will relax the people and will create a very touching Christmas mood..:)


5. Depth of filed

"For a group portrait, you almost always work with two rows of people. To get all the participants in sharp focus across two rows, the aperture should be around f/4-5.6."


6. Don't forget the pets

Pets are a very important part of the family and they will miss on the images so don't forget them, and don't forget to dress them too..:)


7. Matching outfits

Matching outfits are a great idea for family Christmas photos - jumpers, pajamas, dresses or hats all work amazingly!


I hope all these will give you a better idea of how to take Christmas photos this year! But the best advice is just to enjoy being with the family and take every moment to create beautiful memories, laughing more and relaxing more!!






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AMSTERDAM PHOTO WALK 2019 Hello everyone,

this week's blog post is just a nice virtual photo walk to Amsterdam from my last visit in August.

Enjoy it!



petyanikolovaphotography-1petyanikolovaphotography-1 petyanikolovaphotography-2petyanikolovaphotography-2 petyanikolovaphotography-3petyanikolovaphotography-3 petyanikolovaphotography-6petyanikolovaphotography-6 petyanikolovaphotography-5petyanikolovaphotography-5 petyanikolovaphotography-4petyanikolovaphotography-4 petyanikolovaphotography-7petyanikolovaphotography-7 petyanikolovaphotography-8petyanikolovaphotography-8 petyanikolovaphotography-9petyanikolovaphotography-9 petyanikolovaphotography-10petyanikolovaphotography-10 petyanikolovaphotography-11petyanikolovaphotography-11 petyanikolovaphotography-12petyanikolovaphotography-12 petyanikolovaphotography-15petyanikolovaphotography-15 petyanikolovaphotography-14petyanikolovaphotography-14 petyanikolovaphotography-13petyanikolovaphotography-13 petyanikolovaphotography-16petyanikolovaphotography-16 petyanikolovaphotography-17petyanikolovaphotography-17 petyanikolovaphotography-18petyanikolovaphotography-18 petyanikolovaphotography-19petyanikolovaphotography-19 petyanikolovaphotography-20petyanikolovaphotography-20 petyanikolovaphotography-21petyanikolovaphotography-21 petyanikolovaphotography-24petyanikolovaphotography-24 petyanikolovaphotography-23petyanikolovaphotography-23 petyanikolovaphotography-22petyanikolovaphotography-22 petyanikolovaphotography-25petyanikolovaphotography-25 petyanikolovaphotography-26petyanikolovaphotography-26 petyanikolovaphotography-27petyanikolovaphotography-27 petyanikolovaphotography-28petyanikolovaphotography-28 petyanikolovaphotography-29petyanikolovaphotography-29 petyanikolovaphotography-30petyanikolovaphotography-30 petyanikolovaphotography-33petyanikolovaphotography-33 petyanikolovaphotography-32petyanikolovaphotography-32 petyanikolovaphotography-31petyanikolovaphotography-31 petyanikolovaphotography-34petyanikolovaphotography-34 petyanikolovaphotography-35petyanikolovaphotography-35 petyanikolovaphotography-36petyanikolovaphotography-36 petyanikolovaphotography-37petyanikolovaphotography-37 petyanikolovaphotography-38petyanikolovaphotography-38 petyanikolovaphotography-39petyanikolovaphotography-39 petyanikolovaphotography-42petyanikolovaphotography-42 petyanikolovaphotography-41petyanikolovaphotography-41 petyanikolovaphotography-40petyanikolovaphotography-40 petyanikolovaphotography-43petyanikolovaphotography-43 petyanikolovaphotography-44petyanikolovaphotography-44 petyanikolovaphotography-45petyanikolovaphotography-45 petyanikolovaphotography-46petyanikolovaphotography-46 petyanikolovaphotography-47petyanikolovaphotography-47 petyanikolovaphotography-48petyanikolovaphotography-48 petyanikolovaphotography-49petyanikolovaphotography-49 petyanikolovaphotography-50petyanikolovaphotography-50 petyanikolovaphotography-51petyanikolovaphotography-51 petyanikolovaphotography-52petyanikolovaphotography-52 petyanikolovaphotography-53petyanikolovaphotography-53 petyanikolovaphotography-54petyanikolovaphotography-54 petyanikolovaphotography-57petyanikolovaphotography-57 petyanikolovaphotography-56petyanikolovaphotography-56 petyanikolovaphotography-55petyanikolovaphotography-55 petyanikolovaphotography-58petyanikolovaphotography-58 petyanikolovaphotography-59petyanikolovaphotography-59 petyanikolovaphotography-60petyanikolovaphotography-60 petyanikolovaphotography-63petyanikolovaphotography-63 petyanikolovaphotography-62petyanikolovaphotography-62 petyanikolovaphotography-61petyanikolovaphotography-61 petyanikolovaphotography-64petyanikolovaphotography-64 petyanikolovaphotography-65petyanikolovaphotography-65 petyanikolovaphotography-66petyanikolovaphotography-66 petyanikolovaphotography-67petyanikolovaphotography-67 petyanikolovaphotography-68petyanikolovaphotography-68 petyanikolovaphotography-69petyanikolovaphotography-69 petyanikolovaphotography-70petyanikolovaphotography-70 petyanikolovaphotography-71petyanikolovaphotography-71 petyanikolovaphotography-72petyanikolovaphotography-72 petyanikolovaphotography-73petyanikolovaphotography-73 petyanikolovaphotography-74petyanikolovaphotography-74 petyanikolovaphotography-75petyanikolovaphotography-75 petyanikolovaphotography-76petyanikolovaphotography-76 petyanikolovaphotography-77petyanikolovaphotography-77 petyanikolovaphotography-78petyanikolovaphotography-78 petyanikolovaphotography-79petyanikolovaphotography-79 petyanikolovaphotography-80petyanikolovaphotography-80 petyanikolovaphotography-81petyanikolovaphotography-81 petyanikolovaphotography-82petyanikolovaphotography-82 petyanikolovaphotography-83petyanikolovaphotography-83 petyanikolovaphotography-84petyanikolovaphotography-84 petyanikolovaphotography-85petyanikolovaphotography-85 petyanikolovaphotography-86petyanikolovaphotography-86 petyanikolovaphotography-87petyanikolovaphotography-87 petyanikolovaphotography-90petyanikolovaphotography-90 petyanikolovaphotography-89petyanikolovaphotography-89 petyanikolovaphotography-88petyanikolovaphotography-88 petyanikolovaphotography-91petyanikolovaphotography-91 petyanikolovaphotography-92petyanikolovaphotography-92 petyanikolovaphotography-93petyanikolovaphotography-93 petyanikolovaphotography-94petyanikolovaphotography-94 petyanikolovaphotography-95petyanikolovaphotography-95 petyanikolovaphotography-96petyanikolovaphotography-96 petyanikolovaphotography-97petyanikolovaphotography-97 petyanikolovaphotography-98petyanikolovaphotography-98 petyanikolovaphotography-99petyanikolovaphotography-99



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as you can guess this week's blog post will be about a wonderful film premiere I had the chance to attend - the new Bulgarian film of Niki Iliev "Reunion".

The premiere was last weekend at the Genesis Cinema in London and honestly, I think it was an amazing experience not only for me as a photographer but for all guests visiting the event as well. The film is so wonderful, the actors were so splendid, the manager of the event Iva Angelicheva was so admirable and organizing and all the people attending were so friendly and nice that all of them made this event very special and touching. 

Shortly this is the story of the film:

It’s exactly 25 years after the “Summer of ‘94,” the memorable month of Bulgaria’s participation at the FIFA World Cup. Three friends (Boyko, Orlin, and Sasho) return home from across the world to help a childhood friend save his native house. Alex (Niki Iliev) must persuade his cousin Branimir (Bashar Rahal) to respect the will of their grandfather (Stefan Danailov) by preserving the family home and not go ahead with a plan for an office building. The only way to pull the thing off is for the childhood friends to band together again and win the city marathon against Branimir’s professional team. This proves extremely difficult, and a string of ludicrous episodes and absurd hitches put a yearslong friendship to the test.

The characters return to their childhood, remembering their dreams, first loves, family values, and true friendship. They end up realizing that, regardless of shifts and elapsed time, some things never change.

The producers of the film are: Bashar Rahal, Niki Iliev and Bogomil Grozev from Silver Light Pictures, the studio behind the production and the main actors performing are Niki Iliev, Bashar Rahal, Alexander Kadiev, Dilyana Popova, Evelyn Kostova, Orlin Pavlov, Boyko Krastanov, Rayna Karayaneva, and Iskra Donova.



The story takes place in one of Bulgaria's most beautiful cities - Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture for 2019.

"More than 500 walk-ons, police officers and athletes took part in a three-day triathlon: bicycling, running and rowing. Some of Plovdiv’s emblematic locations – the Old Town, Kapana and the Rowing Canal were the natural sets in this great city, where “each spot makes a frame.” The people of Plovdiv offered generous assistance to the movie team, opening their homes, shops, bistros, and offices."











Get ready for laughs, romance, and dramatic upturns!

"“The Reunion” is a declaration of love to Plovdiv and its residents."


Thank you to the whole team for the amazing moment!










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Autumn is one of the best seasons for beautiful and unique portrait images. So here you can find my five tips for you on how to turn your autumn family portraits into a special golden story.

181118© petyanikolovaphotography-2181118© petyanikolovaphotography-2


  1. Location, Location, Location


When we talk about an autumn photoshoot it's very important to find a spot or location that shows off the stunning beauty of autumn. The colorful leaves, the warm vibrant tones of the season and the soft beautiful light will give your portraits an incredible touch.  An apple orchard and pumpkin paths are great ideas for autumn portraits but also you can take photos in a tree, under a tree, between the rows of trees.

In London where I live there are so many beautiful parks and gardens where you can have amazing autumn images.


181104© petyanikolovaphotography-2181104© petyanikolovaphotography-2

20161023-Autumn Minis 2016-120161023-Autumn Minis 2016-1


      2. What should you wear for an autumn family photoshoot?


People often ask what they should wear to their Autumn family sessions. I always suggest that everyone in the family wears something they find both attractive and comfortable. Try and avoid busy patterns or extremely loud colors, don't overdo it with jewelry, keep it simple and classic.

For kids, khakis or a nice pair of jeans work well for boys, and you cannot go wrong with a pretty seasonal dress for girls. Cable sweaters and cardigans always add a nice, timeless touch. Similar rules apply to adults. 

In summary, the basic principles are:

- Dress for your environment

- Dress everyone for the same weather and occasion

- Choose 3-4 colors to build everyone's outfits around

- Embrace layers and textures

- Avoid pictures and slogans on clothing

- Make sure your children's clothes fit well

Here are some examples of how you could coordinate colors for your family during the autumn:


















Colors to avoid in outdoor autumn family photoshoots

There are some rules that do that apply all year round - black and bright, neon colors don't work well against nature's softer backdrop and can make people look washed out. To make sure your outfits complement the beautiful autumn colors, avoid black, bright and neon colors completely.






    3. Schedule your session when the light is best.


Think about the kind of photos you wish to capture, a bright day will deliver brighter colors and harsh shadows, a cloudier day will create deeper richer colors. It's recommended to take photos either morning or afternoon, need to avoid mid-day when the light is at a higher point. Typically sunrise and sunset provide perfect lighting for outdoor shots. 


181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14

20161016-Autumn Minis-4320161016-Autumn Minis-43


    4. Don't forget the details.


Sometimes what is left out of the image says more than what is included. By capturing your subject's eyes, hands or even their shoes you leave a lot to the viewer's imagination. Don't forget to photograph some details of the environment like the colorful autumn foliage or the beautiful autumn branches, or the toys of your children. 


20161016-Autumn Minis_-1020161016-Autumn Minis_-10


20161023- autumn minis-620161023- autumn minis-6

20161016-Autumn Minis-3120161016-Autumn Minis-31


   5. Have fun.


Make the shot fun! If it's a family shoot with children turn it into a game. When everyone is relaxed and having fun this reflects in the pictures. Encourage cuddling, tickling, cheekiness it all helps relax everyone.


181118© petyanikolovaphotography-17181118© petyanikolovaphotography-17

20161015-Autumn Minis-2220161015-Autumn Minis-22

If you would like to book a lifestyle shoot get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Petya xx 






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just a week ago I come back from a holiday trip and it was not only a pleasure time but also kind of a travel photo vacation - going to the sea, exploring Istanbul and traveling around my home country. So I thought it's going to be a nice idea to share some useful travel photography tips with you. Some people collect souvenirs when they travel, I prefer to collect beautiful images and to enjoy them for years..:)




  1. Lighting or wake up early and stay out late.

To get amazing images you need a beautiful soft light and usually, the morning light is very good for this but sunsets are also very good time for capturing amazing images - the time an hour after sunrise and hour before the sunset is called "GOLDEN HOURS" and then you can have a very nice and soft warm tones.



   2. Research the place.

It's very useful to research your travel destination before you go. There is plenty of online spaces you can do this and take notes about how to reach the place, opening times, the weather...



   3. Rule of thirds.

This is one of the main rules in photography and definitely works for your travel photos too to create more balanced images. Imagine breaking an image down into thirds horizontally and vertically, so it’s split into different sections. The goal is to place important parts of the photo into those sections and help frame the overall image in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.



   4. Using a tripod.

For perfect composition and best results wearing a tripod is very important. Tripods give you the ability to shoot much slower shutter speed and also you can keep your ISO low too. 



   5. Experiment with composition.

Try different angles all the time and different distances too. Try to include the powerful foreground, midground, and background elements to make you images nice and balanced.


petyanikolovaphotography-3 copypetyanikolovaphotography-3 copy

   6. Use of colors.

In photography is very important to know how different colors work well together. So keep an eye out for contrasting colors in your images. The color wheel is a great way to see how you can match the colors and to understand them.



   7. Framing.

Every time when you take a picture be sure that everything is perfectly in the frame. When you look through the viewfinder or LCD screen don't just focus on the subject, make sure you run your eyes around the entire frame to not cut off something important. 



   8. Capture details.

Capturing details up close is a great way to convey a sense of place.




Thank you for reading my blog story and I really hope it was useful to you..:) 






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Hey all,


this week blog post is just nice and relaxed photo story of my last family trip to Spain. The places we have visited Benidorm, LaNucia, Calpe, and Altea are all amazing Spanish cities, where you can have a great time with your family or yourself only, in those places you can feel all the real Spanish atmosphere and everything here is absolutely fantastic - the food, the people, the views and all these small little things around us...I am not going to try to convenient you about  these places, I think my photos said everything so just enjoy my photography walk here..:)

benidorm-95benidorm-95 benidorm-83benidorm-83 benidorm-68benidorm-68 benidorm-32benidorm-32 benidorm-49benidorm-49 benidorm-59benidorm-59 benidorm-15benidorm-15 benidorm-9benidorm-9 benidorm-3benidorm-3 benidorm-96benidorm-96 benidorm-98benidorm-98 benidorm-99benidorm-99 benidorm-103benidorm-103 benidorm-119benidorm-119 benidorm-121benidorm-121 benidorm-137benidorm-137 benidorm-135benidorm-135 benidorm-130benidorm-130 benidorm-142benidorm-142 benidorm-144benidorm-144 benidorm-166benidorm-166 benidorm-173benidorm-173 benidorm-176benidorm-176 benidorm-181benidorm-181 benidorm-199benidorm-199 benidorm-197benidorm-197 benidorm-183benidorm-183 benidorm-209benidorm-209 benidorm-211benidorm-211 benidorm-214benidorm-214 benidorm-217benidorm-217 benidorm-228benidorm-228 benidorm-229benidorm-229 calpealtea-3calpealtea-3 calpealtea-12calpealtea-12 calpealtea-17calpealtea-17 calpealtea-19calpealtea-19 calpealtea-22calpealtea-22 calpealtea-26calpealtea-26 calpealtea-27calpealtea-27 calpealtea-36calpealtea-36 calpealtea-38calpealtea-38 calpealtea-43calpealtea-43 calpealtea-47calpealtea-47 calpealtea-49calpealtea-49 calpealtea-61calpealtea-61 calpealtea-64calpealtea-64 calpealtea-65calpealtea-65 calpealtea-74calpealtea-74 calpealtea-75calpealtea-75 calpealtea-76calpealtea-76 calpealtea-79calpealtea-79 calpealtea-81calpealtea-81 calpealtea-85calpealtea-85 calpealtea-87calpealtea-87 calpealtea-90calpealtea-90 calpealtea-101calpealtea-101 calpealtea-112calpealtea-112 calpealtea-113calpealtea-113 calpealtea-119calpealtea-119 calpealtea-130calpealtea-130 calpealtea-134calpealtea-134 calpealtea-138calpealtea-138 calpealtea-139calpealtea-139 calpealtea-140calpealtea-140 calpealtea-146calpealtea-146 calpealtea-149calpealtea-149 calpealtea-153calpealtea-153 calpealtea-154calpealtea-154 calpealtea-157calpealtea-157 calpealtea-166calpealtea-166 calpealtea-167calpealtea-167 calpealtea-169calpealtea-169 calpealtea-177calpealtea-177 calpealtea-182calpealtea-182 calpealtea-191calpealtea-191 calpealtea-195calpealtea-195 calpealtea-199calpealtea-199 calpealtea-209calpealtea-209 calpealtea-218calpealtea-218 calpealtea-234calpealtea-234 calpealtea-240calpealtea-240 calpealtea-248calpealtea-248 calpealtea-252calpealtea-252 calpealtea-255calpealtea-255 calpealtea-261calpealtea-261 calpealtea-275calpealtea-275 calpealtea-277calpealtea-277 calpealtea-283calpealtea-283 calpealtea-284calpealtea-284 calpealtea-291calpealtea-291 calpealtea-297calpealtea-297 calpealtea-302calpealtea-302 calpealtea-326calpealtea-326 calpealtea-318calpealtea-318 calpealtea-311calpealtea-311 calpealtea-327calpealtea-327 calpealtea-331calpealtea-331 calpealtea-341calpealtea-341 calpealtea-344calpealtea-344 calpealtea-355calpealtea-355 calpealtea-360calpealtea-360 calpealtea-370calpealtea-370 calpealtea-368calpealtea-368 calpealtea-361calpealtea-361 calpealtea-373calpealtea-373 calpealtea-390calpealtea-390 calpealtea-392calpealtea-392 lanusia-149lanusia-149 lanusia-38lanusia-38 lanusia-139lanusia-139 lanusia-146lanusia-146 lanusia-2lanusia-2 calpealtea-465calpealtea-465 calpealtea-447calpealtea-447 calpealtea-444calpealtea-444 calpealtea-407calpealtea-407 calpealtea-394calpealtea-394



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I often get asked what kind of photo gear I use, so I thought I'd share all about it in a blog post.

Before I present you my essential gear list I would like to remind you something very important - your camera DOESN"T take the photograph - YOU DO! Your camera is just a tool to create images but the most important thing is to know how to use your camera to get the best results and to learn about photography in more detail - lighting, focusing, appertute, shutter speed, manual mode and many more.





  • CANON 5D MARK IV - I use this camera for most of my photography.




  • CANON 6D MARK II - I use this as a backup camera and also often when I shoot events because of the ISO range of the camera - ISO 100-25600




  • CANON LENSE EF 24-70mm F/4L - I use this lens for almost everything from studio and environmental sessions to travel and lifestyle photography. I wish I had the expensive version of the lens - 24-700 F2.8 L but it's on my wishlist for now..:)



  • CANON LENSE EF 85MM F1.8 USM - this one is one of my favorite outdoor portrait lenses. Shooting more telephoto with an 85 MM allows you to capture more details.  



  • SIGMA ART LENSE 35MM F1.4 DG HSM - I am using this lens for longer effective focal length portraits (especially in my small home studio) but use it for street photography, architecture and macro photos as well. 



  • CANON LENSE EF 50MM F1.8 STM LENS - I use it mainly as a backup lens for my portrait photography. 



  • CANON 430 EX II SPEEDLITE CAMERA FLASHGUN - MUST have gear! I use it for ANY event and some outdoor sessions as a fill light.  


   shopping 600shopping 600

  • CANON 600 EX-RT SPEEDLITE FLASHGUN - again is MUST have gear! But please note you will need more energy for using that one so you really need extra batteries! 



  • HOYA POLARISING FILTERS - Essential for most photographers.



  • FLASH BATTERIES - make sure you always have more and there is 2500mAh. I personally find this brand and model the best and lasting more and also be sure there is rechargeable. 



  • EXTRA CANON LP-EGN BATTERIES - when you buy your camera it comes with one battery only so shooting for a long period of time will require at least three batteries! Batteries are an ABSOLUTE MUST! You always need more of them in your camera bag! I personally prefer CANON ones because they last more and are with the best quality but obviously, they are the most expensive ones too.



  • BATTERY GRIP BG-E13 - this one is just for my 6D Canon Body but definitely very useful, the only concern is that you need to bring more batteries with you all the time. I hope to get one for my 5D Body soon..:) 




  • EXTRA SD MEMORY CARDS - Photographing events can eat into your memory like a heavy night on the tiles. The bigger camera sensors get, the bigger the files that come out of them are, so always make sure you have extra memory cards with you! Personally, I bring at least four (64GB) and prefer SANDISK EXTREME PRO - the most expensive ones but with the best quality. Also, the speedy ones are the better ones! 



  • CANON CHARGER - Always in my bag!


shopping chargershopping charger

  • TRIPOD - it's good to have it all the time with you but honestly I only bring it with me when I know I will need it or my husband will be with me to carry it..:) When you get one of this just be sure the one you chose will hold the weight! 



  • EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE - Whenever I transfer important photos onto my computer, I make sure that I import them into an external hard drive at the same time. This means that I have access to separate back-ups. Bigger size is better..:)
  • 2951913-a2951913-a  
  • MANFROTTO CAMERA BAG - Must have! Especially travel with all gears, this one will protect your equipment and will keep it safe! 


shopping bagshopping bag

  • CLEANING TOOLS - I am using this all the time and definitely I am happy! 



  • LIGHTROOM -  I use Lightroom to edit all my photographs. This software is specifically designed for photographers, and it makes editing very easy and quick. I have the photographer subscription, which gives me access to the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. 


  • PHOTOSHOP - I use Photoshop after I have edited my photos with Lightroom, to add some finishing touches (mostly getting rid of specks of dust, cat’s hair, and imperfections in the flowers).


I have personal experience with every item on this camera essential gear list and would recommend them all. I’ve spent a fair bit of money in the past on equipment I didn’t need, so learn from my mistakes and bookmark this list now!


Thanks for reading! I hope it was helpful for you..;)


Petya xx







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nowadays there are so many different areas in modern photography but what is really an interesting topic is black and white vs color photography.


So how do you pick one?

To answer this question I think is a good idea to see the benefits of both styles.




  • B&W images are more timeless and classic
  • no color no distraction - B&W photography keeps you focused on the actual composition and texture in the images
  • B&W photography hides imperfections in the photos ( irritated skin and facial complexions will be masked)
  • more artistic look
  • emotional state
  • getting attention with dramatic shadows and backlit
  • reminds us of the past days






  • catches the eye
  • mood the images (warm colors convey joy and happiness, cold colors - sadness and loneliness)
  • you can experiment with a different combination of colors
  • using colors can define your unique visual style
  • emotional state
  • better for some kind of photography (product, macro/nature photography)


petya nikolova photographypetya nikolova photography


Both black and white and color photography can be artistic and emotional. There is no right or wrong answer when deciding whether to convert that shot, but it’s not something that should be done automatically. The question is whether the image works better in black and white or color and which emotions it evokes.

You can see some examples of images in both styles below.

And it will be interesting for me how do you decide whether to make an image black and white or color? Share with us in the comments below. 


20170416- petya nikolova photography-15120170416- petya nikolova photography-151 20170416- petya nikolova photography-15020170416- petya nikolova photography-150 20180126- birthday party-17020180126- birthday party-170 20180126- birthday party-17120180126- birthday party-171 20170417- petya nikolova photography-3820170417- petya nikolova photography-38

20170417- petya nikolova photography-3920170417- petya nikolova photography-39

petyanikolovaphotography-36petyanikolovaphotography-36 petyanikolovaphotography-37petyanikolovaphotography-37 petyanikolovaphotography-95petyanikolovaphotography-95 petyanikolovaphotography-96petyanikolovaphotography-96 20170416- petya nikolova photography-28920170416- petya nikolova photography-289 20170416- petya nikolova photography-29020170416- petya nikolova photography-290 20181006- petya nikolova photography-18620181006- petya nikolova photography-186 20181006- petya nikolova photography-18720181006- petya nikolova photography-187 flowers-7flowers-7


petyanikolovaphotography-72 2petyanikolovaphotography-72 2 petyanikolovaphotography-73petyanikolovaphotography-73 petyanikolovaphotography-72petyanikolovaphotography-72






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a cake smash photo session is all about the fun experience and the memories. It's a GREAT way to add a little bit of extra sparkle to a first birthday celebration.

I know every photographer has their own way of doing things so I would tell you how a first birthday and cake smash photography session happens here at Petya Nikolova Photography..:)

petya nikolova photography-20petya nikolova photography-20 Cake smash birthday session takes about 1 hour and happens in two parts (for now) - portraits and the smashing. Later on, I think to add a third part - bubble bath so please check my webpage for updates regularly!


Session starts with me photographing the baby dressed in a cute outfit prepared by parents. I will have a colorful backdrop in grey and blue and grey and pink and accessories for the shoo, such as bunting, balloons and paper flowers.  I am using lots of props as well - teddies, toys, and others. The portrait portion of the session can include baby only or siblings and family portraits. 




petya nikolova photography-45petya nikolova photography-45

Then the next part is THE CAKE SMASH!


I personally do not provide the cake fort he session, but I do know great cake bakers and I will be happy to provide you with their information!

We start by changing clothes with cake smash outfits provided by me or you can bring your own favorite one.

Be prepared for a mess..:)

I recommend bringing a change of clothes for you and the baby. This part of the shoot often goes quite quickly and it's typically child-led.

After the smash part, we just clean up the child with cleaning wipes and change the clothes with a new and clean outfit.

petya nikolova photography-38petya nikolova photography-38 Cake smash photo session can happen in the studio or outside. It also doesn't have to be a cake - could be cookies, donuts or just an ice cream..:) This type of sessions can be done for more than one year old too - it works well for two and three years old children.

So whenever you've already booked a cake smash session with me, or you are thinking of doing so, you can be sure that you will have an experience like no other!


What should I keep in mind regarding the Cake?


  • Safety - please note a baby may be allergic to wheat, egg, refined sugar among other things. For that reason, I always ask the parents to bring the cake. This also allows them to choose the design and color.
  • Smash cake colors - pink, white, yellow and green and blue photograph well and match most of the backdrops. Avoid chocolate and red unless it's very suitable for a special themed session.
  • Smash cake decorations - go with whipped or buttercream frosting so it's easy to dig into. Avoid fondant - it's tough to break and can be choking hazard. 


The Cake Smash clean up plan


  • In the studio - I make sure to keep baby wipes, kitchen paper rolls, brush, dustpan and trash bags in my studio at all times!
  • Parents bring - extra part of clothes for all family members attending and bags to take the dirty clothes home.


CAKE SMASH TIPS for parents


Schedule session around 11 to 13 months age.

Think about the theme and colors you would like to use.

I recommend you purchase your own cake.

Cake with regular soft frosting is ideal.

Avoid frozen cakes and chocolate frosting.

Small cakes 6" to 8" inches work best.

Pick an outfit that matches your chosen colors.

Outfits will get messy so keep that in mind.

Enjoy the memories!


petya nikolova photography-7petya nikolova photography-7





[email protected] /



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My photography services  

                                                                             Hello dear friends,

this week my blog post is going to be about the photography services I offer and what to expect when you book a session with me. As most of you know I am doing professional photography from not too long time and probably this is going to be useful info for you or future clients of mine.

So let's start...:)

Petya Nikolova Photography is a London and Essex based professional portrait and event photographer specializing in children and family photography and as well as lifestyle and events photo shoots. Services include studio portraits, location shots, and milestone sessions.



Children Sessions - 1 hour - 10 digital edited images - £130


The children's sessions last up to 1 hour and can be done in my home studio in Woodford Green (IG8), in your home or favorite location. Different backdrops are available for different occasions and the natural backdrop of the local park or outdoor place. Up to two backdrops per session are allowed and up to two different outfits. Mini children sessions are also available - 30 min session, 5 digital edited images for £65 and children mini sessions in different theme ( Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, mother's Day, Halloween) are running all the time through the year in promotional prices - please check my website regularly to find more about them!


lavender photo session london photographer kids family shootinglavender photo session london photographer kids family shooting


Family Sessions - 1 hour - 10 digital edited images - £130


Your family photo session lasts up to 1 hour and is always fun. We start with shots of the whole family together in a variety of poses, moving on to shoots of the children together and individually both close up and full length. Family session can be done in the studio, your home or outdoor in a favorite place. After the session, you can expect 40+ images to view in an online gallery to choose your favorites. Mini family sessions are also available - 30 min session - 5 digital edited images for £65 and family mini sessions in different theme ( Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween) are running all the time through the year in a promotional prices - please check my website regularly to find more about them!





Maternity Sessions - 1 hour - 10 digital edited images - £130


The best time to photograph them is about 32 weeks of pregnancy. The shoot typically lasts about an hour and is meant to be fun, partners and children are very welcome to join in too. Mum to be can change a few outfits to create a full gallery of beautiful images. I am providing props and some pregnancy dresses but you are very welcome to bring everything makes you comfortable and relaxed with you.  After the session, you can expect 40+images to view in security protected online gallery to choose your favorites. You can see the images 2 weeks after shooting. Natural outdoor maternity sessions are also available in your preferred local park or favorite place. 




Newborn Natural Sessions - 1 hour - 10 digital edited images - £130


In my newborn natural sessions, I really try to capture the newborns in their very natural and authentic way, which means I do not pose or prepare the babies for the session. I just capture those unique moments of stretch, yawn, kicks, turn and open their eyes or sleeping in the natural pose. The best way to photograph this simple and very natural lifestyle session is in your own home but I can hold the session in my home studio in Woodford Green as well. Please book your session in advance to secure the time slot and provide the necessary nappies for changing, food for the baby and clothes! Again you can choose from an online gallery the best images from 40+ files two weeks after the shooting.




Baby Natural Sessions - 1 hour - 10 digital edited images - £130


These sessions are for babies 12 weeks and over. this is a great time to capture those amazing first smiles, the crawling and exploring in a very natural and simple way. The baby sessions are held in my home studio in Woodford Green or in the comfort of your own home. You can choose the best images from an online gallery two weeks after the shooting.




Event Photography - £60 per hour - 100 digital edited images


Cover all types of events in London and Essex from birthday parties, prom parties, christening, hen parties, gala dinners, award ceremonies, networking events to product launches, trade shows, concerts, school plays, and conferences. The images are going to be ready 72 hours after the event and you can download them instantly from an online security protected gallery that could be shared with many different people - emails of the people are required for the smooth and quick sharing.


petya nikolova photographypetya nikolova photography


London Sightseeing Sessions - 2 hours - 10 digital edited images - £150


These sessions are great for the whole family and they are a fantastic way to spend the time together and explore the most beautiful London places. We photograph these sessions in a very natural way trying to capture all the smiles, emotions and joy of the family creating priceless memories which will last forever. You choose the place, the time and the date of the session, in case of bad weather conditions we can always reschedule for another time. You can choose the best images from an online gallery two weeks after the session. 






Nursery School Sessions - 10 min per child - £6 per digital file


If you are a leader of a local nursery school or parent of a child looking for a photographer please consider me! I can visit you and set up my portable studio in a specially cordoned off area or separate room. On the day I will spend up to ten minutes with each child, in the presence of a member of staff, aiming to get a variety of close-ups and action shots. I will try to make the experience as much fun as possible. Two weeks later, each parent will receive an email with a selection of digital images of their child to choose from. I am DBS checked and have Public Liability Insurance.


Gift Cards


Photoshoot and professional portraits are the perfect gifts for the whole family as they bring everybody closer. Gift vouchers are valid for maternity, newborn, baby, children and family photo sessions! Once the payment is made, please allow 1-3 days to receive the Gift Card by post or you can choose to receive the Gift Card by email and download and print it yourself. 


Please note that for every photo session 50% deposit non-refundable is required to secure the booking!

Travel expenses fee of £10 is also required for all milestone sessions!










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Photographing kids, useful tips. Hey all,


Photographing children can be a joyful and rewarding process but it's also uniquely challenging.

So here you can find some useful tips or I hope so...:)


1. Be flexible and follow kids lead

Working with children can be very unpredictable so the best thing is to follow their lead and to be patient. If you getting lots of candid moments that's ok or if you get more posing moments - that's ok too..:)The important thing is to get great photos!



2. Shoot at the child's level

For a great composition most of the time you need to shoot from the child's eye level. This creates a more natural perspective in your image.

Самуилpetya nikolova photography @2016Самуилpetya nikolova photography @2016


3. Try a variety of poses

Just try as many poses as possible and ask the child to do different poses, movements all the time so that way you will have plenty of photos to pick for the parents.

181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14


4. Capture candid photos

Posing images are very nice but the moments between posing, the very natural ones are just great and most of the parents would love them!

petyanikolovaphotography2016 (1 of 1)-2petyanikolovaphotography2016 (1 of 1)-2


5. Don't tire the children

When photographing children the time is very important because kids getting very tired and bored quickly so shoot quickly and set your camera to it's fastest shutter speed and use a high ISO to freeze speed moments.

20180901- petya nikolova photography-4020180901- petya nikolova photography-40


6. Speaking with children

It's very important to create a bond with the children and to make them feel calm and comfortable. Talk to them about the real things like what they like to do for example...



7. Tickles

Always help with all ages

© petya nikolova photography-9© petya nikolova photography-9


8. Offer a reward

Always help with all ages too..:)

20180922- petya nikolova photography-2120180922- petya nikolova photography-21


9. Take a break

If the kid is not in the mood just give him/her a break. Always help!

20180811- petya nikolova photography-1020180811- petya nikolova photography-10


10. Don't force it!

The harder you try the more reluctant they will become!

© petya nikolova photography-4 2© petya nikolova photography-4 2


These are all my tips for getting nice children photos and I really hope to help you with the challenge called kids..:)

But one thing is for sure more you shoot more you get and the results are getting better and better..:)








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Tips for gorgeous outdoor photos. Hello,


It's already this time of the year when the sun is here, the day is longer and the outdoor photos are MUST and honestly, these are my favorite too..:)

So I decided it will be useful to give you nice tips for gorgeous outdoor photos which are part of my personal experience as a photographer.


                                                                           MY TIPS FOR GORGEOUS OUTDOOR PHOTOS:


1. Best season - People often ask me what is the best season for outdoor sessions and honestly, every season is the best season and it has its own colors and you can get gorgeous outdoor photos if you are not afraid to go out and explore. You can use snowflakes in the winter, colorful leaves in autumn, sunny warm days in summer or beautiful blossoms in spring. Just go out and start creating moments!

20180603- outdoor family session-1120180603- outdoor family session-11 petya nikolova photography-9petya nikolova photography-9 20180901- petya nikolova photography-820180901- petya nikolova photography-8

2. Best time - What is the best time of the day is the other question people ask me often and yeah the best time is the "Golden hour" - this is the time two-three hours before sunset or one-two hours after sunrise when you can avoid the harsh shadows on people faces. Of course, you can not always shoot at that time but just be aware to avoid the direct sunlight, use the shadows and in cloudy weather is good to have a reflector to get better results. 


3. What to wear - It really depends on the whole concept of the photoshoot but simple natural colors are the best, with no stamps on your clothes and for families, the matching colors are very suitable so you can find the season color palettes here where you can choose between the seasonal colors to match...

0b7ce1dd8de2b23e98f584120691ba950b7ce1dd8de2b23e98f584120691ba95 31e3eefebc0b47ab0f048c83ae12f2ef31e3eefebc0b47ab0f048c83ae12f2ef 518725a42dfc8386a480d6944e67247c518725a42dfc8386a480d6944e67247c d1f0d2f5fb7b7e5fdf445b87811ec8a0d1f0d2f5fb7b7e5fdf445b87811ec8a0

4. Using a flash - Using an external flash is the most effective way to remove any shadows that may appear on the face of your subject. In this case, the external flash is acting as a fill light, so just try it and will not regret it!


5. Dreamy effect - When you shoot outdoor portraiture to achieve this nice and dreamy effect of your photos I really recommend you to shoot in Aperture Priority Mode or just to set a wide aperture to have a blurred background called bokeh. It's good to have a fixed focal length lens to create a soft and delicate bokeh and the most popular options are 50mm, 85mm and 135mm. Your aperture is good to be between f-1.8 and f-4 to have this blurred and nice background.


6. Focus - My advice is to always focus on the people eye's, The eyes are the most important part of every good portrait and also the sharper one so when you focus on eyes they will stay sharp but the skin will look softer.


7. Composition - It's essential for great portraits. Be sure to incorporate plenty of your surroundings into your images- look for interesting objects, colors and textures - blue sky, green fields or light through a tree. Also, you can look for interesting architecture, textures or statues to use in your images. 


8. Posing - Guidance your subjects and put them in an easy and fun and relaxed atmosphere. If a certain pose isn't working then don't force it. Sometimes the natural poses of the subjects are the best ones.

0bbf98b9829352c327e51a93a5ba28da0bbf98b9829352c327e51a93a5ba28da 0ea9ad735a121b42a144f6b9b6940a390ea9ad735a121b42a144f6b9b6940a39 a8657de498c087efeaba674d9f3947c7a8657de498c087efeaba674d9f3947c7 b5a9707d5c511e42c42d13c14d64a056b5a9707d5c511e42c42d13c14d64a056


9. Backgrounds - Remove distracting backgrounds and always looking for distracting elements in the background. Sometimes you just need to move a few inches in either direction or use the subject to block it out.


10. Change angles - For the best results trying different angles is very important to create a beautiful photo. It's advisable to get on your subject's level, especially if they are small children. Don't afraid to try everything!


These were my tips for gorgeous outdoor photos and  people I really hope you will  find them useful and easy to understand, the best thing with the photography is to keep trying new things all the time just because every person has a different view and different feeling about what is beautiful so this definitely will make your photos gorgeous in your own way and it will be unique!


If you have questions just connect with me and enjoy the beautiful weather..:)


xx Petya


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My family trip to Groombridge Place England Hello people,


One of the things I really love aside photography is to travel and to explore new places so today my blog post is actually a little photo walk in a wonderful countryside place not far away from London - Groombridge Place.

petyanikolovaphotography-39petyanikolovaphotography-39 Groombridge Place is located on a half an hour from London between East Sussex and Kent at the historic village of Groombridge.

"Described as one of the finest 17th-century classical mansion in England., it was built by Philip Packer a founder member of the Royal Society and a friend of Sir Christopher Wren, an architect of St. Paul's Cathedral.

The loggia at the front and the formal canal in the garden both show a strong Italian influence, inspired by Packer's "Grand Tour" of Europe in the 1640's. 

The design is in the style of Sir Christopher Wren, and it remains virtually unaltered since it was built around the time of the restoration of King Charles II in 1660."

The Place has a private Manor House not open to the public unfortunately but beautiful outside.

petyanikolovaphotography-49petyanikolovaphotography-49 petyanikolovaphotography-30petyanikolovaphotography-30 petyanikolovaphotography-37petyanikolovaphotography-37

petyanikolovaphotography-27petyanikolovaphotography-27 petyanikolovaphotography-48petyanikolovaphotography-48 petyanikolovaphotography-14petyanikolovaphotography-14

petyanikolovaphotography-11petyanikolovaphotography-11 And also it has lovely gardens very green and perfectly arranged, fairytale adventure forest with resident birds and dears and canal available for you to explore and enjoy.

petyanikolovaphotography-40petyanikolovaphotography-40 petyanikolovaphotography-43petyanikolovaphotography-43 petyanikolovaphotography-44petyanikolovaphotography-44 petyanikolovaphotography-45petyanikolovaphotography-45 petyanikolovaphotography-36petyanikolovaphotography-36

petyanikolovaphotography-3petyanikolovaphotography-3 petyanikolovaphotography-2petyanikolovaphotography-2 petyanikolovaphotography-1petyanikolovaphotography-1 petyanikolovaphotography-4petyanikolovaphotography-4 petyanikolovaphotography-5petyanikolovaphotography-5 petyanikolovaphotography-7petyanikolovaphotography-7 petyanikolovaphotography-9petyanikolovaphotography-9 petyanikolovaphotography-25petyanikolovaphotography-25 petyanikolovaphotography-26petyanikolovaphotography-26 petyanikolovaphotography-10petyanikolovaphotography-10 petyanikolovaphotography-12petyanikolovaphotography-12 So if you haven't been to Groombridge Place I hope the rest of the images will change your mind and you will go..:) Definitely is one of my favorite places to visit now and there is a lot of activities for adults and children too so it's a perfect place for a family day out and relax. More details you can find at the website of the Groombridge Estate where you can find anything you need..:)

I hope this blog post was a nice photo walk for you in the beautiful green countryside of England and you will find it inspirational and very calming..:)



petyanikolovaphotography-16petyanikolovaphotography-16 petyanikolovaphotography-20petyanikolovaphotography-20 petyanikolovaphotography-17petyanikolovaphotography-17 petyanikolovaphotography-34petyanikolovaphotography-34

petyanikolovaphotography-22petyanikolovaphotography-22 petyanikolovaphotography-21petyanikolovaphotography-21 petyanikolovaphotography-28petyanikolovaphotography-28 petyanikolovaphotography-32petyanikolovaphotography-32 petyanikolovaphotography-50petyanikolovaphotography-50 petyanikolovaphotography-51petyanikolovaphotography-51





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What camera to use to get a nice photos? Hey all,


Recently I received so many questions about what camera to use to get nice photos and honestly I don't have a proper answer. It really depends on what are you going to use the camera - taking family pictures, travel photography, shoot nature or whatever you see and what would you expect? Do you need the camera for a hobby or for more professional purposes?  But to give you a little bit more idea what to expect from the very different camera types I can explain more about the basic models here.

So generally you can find the following types of cameras to choose from:



Obviously, this type of camera is the most popular one, because firstly of their smaller size and ease of using and secondary because of their prize. These cameras are fully automated and you don't have to worry about the camera settings and also you don't have manual adjustments to the camera settings, so littery you just point and shoot (the other name of this type of cameras). That's it - simple and easy!



The main difference between Bridge and Compact cameras is that you have a little bit more control over the camera exposure settings. They have semi-automated modes like Program modes, Aperture, and Shutter priority. Most of them have full manual mode as well. Bridge cameras have a lens attached but the main difference from the DSLR cameras is that you can't change the lens. Also, they have a smaller sensor and a smaller lens. So the good thing about these cameras is that you have a little bit more control over your settings and also, they are not so expensive compared with DSLR cameras. 



This type of camera is very similar to DSLR cameras and just like them have full and crop sensors (I will write about these in my future blog posts). You can use full manual mode, which gives you more freedom and creative points or you can use automatic or semi-automatic modes. Also, you can use different lenses for different situations, but the lenses here are quite smaller than the DSLR cameras, even those the quality of the images taken is very good and very similar to the DSLR cameras. So if you prefer good quality images but a smaller size camera and not so heavy this is the right camera for you. 



DSLR or digital single lens reflex cameras are the most advanced type of cameras on the market. Definitely, they are much bigger and heavier than all other cameras but you have full control of your settings and full creative control as well. You can use many different types of lenses for different situations and photography purposes and the quality of the lenses is much better than the other camera types which makes the quality of the images much better too. 

So as you can see there is a variety of a different type of cameras and choosing the right one for you really depend from your knowledge, purpose, and preferences and I have not even mentioned the action cameras and the mobile ones. Nowadays mobile photography is so popular that soon mobile phones will replace Compact Cameras. The best advice I can give you before you buy a camera is to go to the local photography store and just try different models, ask for details and compare the types to see if they suit your needs.

I really hope this brief blog post was useful and helpful for you!

Please feel free to connect with me, any blog post suggestions are very welcome too!

Have a great and relaxed weekend..:)


Petya xx

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My start as a photographer  

Hello everyone,


As most of you know my blog is very new and I was really wondering how to start and what to write about at the beginning, so following your suggestions on my FB page and group I decided that this title is really a good starting point.:)


                                                                                  MY START AS A PHOTOGRAPHER 


In fact, my love for photography came into my life when I received my first camera gift from my mum when I was 18 years old. It was not a very expensive or fancy model but from the moment I pulled it out of the box and started shooting, I already knew it was love for a lifetime. :) 

As completely new to me, I started to shoot everything, littery from portraits to flowers, landscapes, and street shots. I was obsessed with all the beauty around me and wanted to capture everything, especially the small and real details. Everything was perfect until my camera was stolen and I had nothing to you can imagine how sad and disappointed I was..:) Thankfully my loving husband decided to surprise me and one day coming back from work, he brings me a box with gift, I opened it and what to see - my first DSRL camera. I cannot really explain how happy and excited I was at the time!

And then, in fact, my photography vision was changed completely, I no longer just wanted to capture everything but wanted to photograph unforgettable moments and enjoy the small details in the pictures but at the same time, I wanted my pictures to be better than before and definitely with great quality. I started to study very hard about photography, taking photography courses, watching photography tutorials all the time, studying how my camera works and how to use it in the best possible way, and over time I have found that portraits and street photos are very interesting to me, especially  taking pictures of people in their daily lives, walking around at the streets, laughing and doing their daily duties..I loved lifestyle portraits and photography. But among other things, flowers and landscapes were another passion of mine and still is by the way..:)

After some time I started to work as a sales assistant at a very professional photography store and there I actually learned a lot about the camera types, the difference between them, how and where to use every single model, the camera accessories and pretty much everything for the equipment I need and a photography at all. So after all the useful information I already had I decided to sell my current camera and to get my first FULL FRAME DSRL camera (I can explain the difference between full frame and crop cameras in another blog story). A new world was opened for me! My photographs started getting better and more professional and I was shooting more and more portraits of friends, events and special occasions and family portraits, all my close friends started to ask me why I did not start doing photography professionally, but despite the wonderful reviews of my work, I still had no courage to start that. wonderful summer day I was invited to take part in charity event as a photography and this literally turned my life...I had two shooting days and I shot about 30 families and after those two days I was absolutely sure this is the thing I want to do in the future, I wanted to shoot children and families and to make them happy. I wanted to have my own studio place and I wanted to develop as a photographer and I knew this was my dream and this dream would make me happy.

petya nikolova photographypetya nikolova photography


So, just over two years ago, I started to realize my dream, I had a camera already, I started working as a photographer on a part-time basis and the other time I was doing my other job so that I could save money for a second camera body, better equipment, computer, and photographic software. I have made a FB page, a business email, a logo, I have launched my website and step by step I started spreading. I had just a few clients and the started to increase and after little time my first photography home studio was opened.

So until now...:) And I couldn't be happier!

I am still developing and still have much to learn but what I know for sure is that I really LOVE taking photos and I really love creating lifetime memories!


And at the end of that story I want to send a message to all of you who don't feel confident enough about what you love, follow your dreams, have the courage and never give up doing what makes you happy! It's worth every moment! 


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Hello and Welcome                          to my new and first blog post! petya nikolova photographypetya nikolova photography


Since I start my photography business I decided it would be fun to have a blog where I could share sneak peaks, photography tricks and tips, everyday pictures and whatever else fun comes to mind. I don't know everything nor do I ever claim too, but I am more than happy to share things that I've learned along the way. And I welcome your input as I'm always learning.

But first let me share a little about myself!

If you don't know me I'm Petya - family and children photographer in London and Essex but however that's not the limit because I love to shoot events, travel and lifestyle photography too.

The photography is really my passion, my dream, my love and I really really love to share my dream with you!

When I am not shooting you can find me dancing (another love of mine), travelling and hanging out with wonderful people.

Please take a look around and let me know what do you think.I really hope to enjoy what is to come and I appreciate any and all support! Please feel free to reach out any time, I'd love to connect!


Petya xx 



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