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Hello dear friends,


Christmas is that magical time of the year when it's full of shiny decorations, Christmas trees and lights, Christmas mood and smiles, gingerbread cookies, pine candles, and all the family together. So it's not surprised I really love Christmas, I love to shoot family portraits at Christmas, children smile, home decorations and lights and that's why today I am going to give you some useful tips what to do when you photograph Christmas portraits at home. 

Christmas Collage newChristmas Collage new


1. Capture the preparation

Decoration time is one of the best family Christmas time, full of joy and wonderful for photographing all the family together in their very natural way - smiling, creating the Christmas atmosphere. Take photos of open the boxes with Christmas toys and children expression, putting the light on, the Christmas tree decoration, especially the star or angel on the top of the tree and another very important moment when the tree is ready and family switching on the lights - just priceless!


2. Take as many photos as possible of the whole family around the Christmas tree and Christmas table and don't forget to focus on the eyes. You can use flash with most indoor Christmas photos, but remember the ambient light will be raised by Christmas lights and you don't want the vibrant colors to be washed. 


3. Family group photos

Usually, at Christmas, all the family is getting together and there is no better way to celebrate than taking group family photo with all parents, grandparents, and children around the tree and holding presents, having Christmas hats and headbands. Just be sure you place and compose all the people and fitting in the frame. It's recommended to use a tripod for best results or even camera timing if you would like to be in the picture too..:)


4. Let the music play

What is Christmas with no Christmas songs..? Playing Christmas music definitely will relax the people and will create a very touching Christmas mood..:)


5. Depth of filed

"For a group portrait, you almost always work with two rows of people. To get all the participants in sharp focus across two rows, the aperture should be around f/4-5.6."


6. Don't forget the pets

Pets are a very important part of the family and they will miss on the images so don't forget them, and don't forget to dress them too..:)


7. Matching outfits

Matching outfits are a great idea for family Christmas photos - jumpers, pajamas, dresses or hats all work amazingly!


I hope all these will give you a better idea of how to take Christmas photos this year! But the best advice is just to enjoy being with the family and take every moment to create beautiful memories, laughing more and relaxing more!!







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Great photos! Merry Christmas!
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