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Hello, my friends,

Autumn is one of the best seasons for beautiful and unique portrait images. So here you can find my five tips for you on how to turn your autumn family portraits into a special golden story.

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  1. Location, Location, Location


When we talk about an autumn photoshoot it's very important to find a spot or location that shows off the stunning beauty of autumn. The colorful leaves, the warm vibrant tones of the season and the soft beautiful light will give your portraits an incredible touch.  An apple orchard and pumpkin paths are great ideas for autumn portraits but also you can take photos in a tree, under a tree, between the rows of trees.

In London where I live there are so many beautiful parks and gardens where you can have amazing autumn images.


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20161023-Autumn Minis 2016-120161023-Autumn Minis 2016-1


      2. What should you wear for an autumn family photoshoot?


People often ask what they should wear to their Autumn family sessions. I always suggest that everyone in the family wears something they find both attractive and comfortable. Try and avoid busy patterns or extremely loud colors, don't overdo it with jewelry, keep it simple and classic.

For kids, khakis or a nice pair of jeans work well for boys, and you cannot go wrong with a pretty seasonal dress for girls. Cable sweaters and cardigans always add a nice, timeless touch. Similar rules apply to adults. 

In summary, the basic principles are:

- Dress for your environment

- Dress everyone for the same weather and occasion

- Choose 3-4 colors to build everyone's outfits around

- Embrace layers and textures

- Avoid pictures and slogans on clothing

- Make sure your children's clothes fit well

Here are some examples of how you could coordinate colors for your family during the autumn:


















Colors to avoid in outdoor autumn family photoshoots

There are some rules that do that apply all year round - black and bright, neon colors don't work well against nature's softer backdrop and can make people look washed out. To make sure your outfits complement the beautiful autumn colors, avoid black, bright and neon colors completely.






    3. Schedule your session when the light is best.


Think about the kind of photos you wish to capture, a bright day will deliver brighter colors and harsh shadows, a cloudier day will create deeper richer colors. It's recommended to take photos either morning or afternoon, need to avoid mid-day when the light is at a higher point. Typically sunrise and sunset provide perfect lighting for outdoor shots. 


181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14

20161016-Autumn Minis-4320161016-Autumn Minis-43


    4. Don't forget the details.


Sometimes what is left out of the image says more than what is included. By capturing your subject's eyes, hands or even their shoes you leave a lot to the viewer's imagination. Don't forget to photograph some details of the environment like the colorful autumn foliage or the beautiful autumn branches, or the toys of your children. 


20161016-Autumn Minis_-1020161016-Autumn Minis_-10


20161023- autumn minis-620161023- autumn minis-6

20161016-Autumn Minis-3120161016-Autumn Minis-31


   5. Have fun.


Make the shot fun! If it's a family shoot with children turn it into a game. When everyone is relaxed and having fun this reflects in the pictures. Encourage cuddling, tickling, cheekiness it all helps relax everyone.


181118© petyanikolovaphotography-17181118© petyanikolovaphotography-17

20161015-Autumn Minis-2220161015-Autumn Minis-22

If you would like to book a lifestyle shoot get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Petya xx 







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