My start as a photographer

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Hello everyone,


As most of you know my blog is very new and I was really wondering how to start and what to write about at the beginning, so following your suggestions on my FB page and group I decided that this title is really a good starting point.:)


                                                                                  MY START AS A PHOTOGRAPHER 


In fact, my love for photography came into my life when I received my first camera gift from my mum when I was 18 years old. It was not a very expensive or fancy model but from the moment I pulled it out of the box and started shooting, I already knew it was love for a lifetime. :) 

As completely new to me, I started to shoot everything, littery from portraits to flowers, landscapes, and street shots. I was obsessed with all the beauty around me and wanted to capture everything, especially the small and real details. Everything was perfect until my camera was stolen and I had nothing to you can imagine how sad and disappointed I was..:) Thankfully my loving husband decided to surprise me and one day coming back from work, he brings me a box with gift, I opened it and what to see - my first DSRL camera. I cannot really explain how happy and excited I was at the time!

And then, in fact, my photography vision was changed completely, I no longer just wanted to capture everything but wanted to photograph unforgettable moments and enjoy the small details in the pictures but at the same time, I wanted my pictures to be better than before and definitely with great quality. I started to study very hard about photography, taking photography courses, watching photography tutorials all the time, studying how my camera works and how to use it in the best possible way, and over time I have found that portraits and street photos are very interesting to me, especially  taking pictures of people in their daily lives, walking around at the streets, laughing and doing their daily duties..I loved lifestyle portraits and photography. But among other things, flowers and landscapes were another passion of mine and still is by the way..:)

After some time I started to work as a sales assistant at a very professional photography store and there I actually learned a lot about the camera types, the difference between them, how and where to use every single model, the camera accessories and pretty much everything for the equipment I need and a photography at all. So after all the useful information I already had I decided to sell my current camera and to get my first FULL FRAME DSRL camera (I can explain the difference between full frame and crop cameras in another blog story). A new world was opened for me! My photographs started getting better and more professional and I was shooting more and more portraits of friends, events and special occasions and family portraits, all my close friends started to ask me why I did not start doing photography professionally, but despite the wonderful reviews of my work, I still had no courage to start that. wonderful summer day I was invited to take part in charity event as a photography and this literally turned my life...I had two shooting days and I shot about 30 families and after those two days I was absolutely sure this is the thing I want to do in the future, I wanted to shoot children and families and to make them happy. I wanted to have my own studio place and I wanted to develop as a photographer and I knew this was my dream and this dream would make me happy.

petya nikolova photographypetya nikolova photography


So, just over two years ago, I started to realize my dream, I had a camera already, I started working as a photographer on a part-time basis and the other time I was doing my other job so that I could save money for a second camera body, better equipment, computer, and photographic software. I have made a FB page, a business email, a logo, I have launched my website and step by step I started spreading. I had just a few clients and the started to increase and after little time my first photography home studio was opened.

So until now...:) And I couldn't be happier!

I am still developing and still have much to learn but what I know for sure is that I really LOVE taking photos and I really love creating lifetime memories!


And at the end of that story I want to send a message to all of you who don't feel confident enough about what you love, follow your dreams, have the courage and never give up doing what makes you happy! It's worth every moment! 



Henry Jovals(non-registered)
I was about 13 years old when I took my first photographs. It was a dark and stormy night, and there were no lights in sight. The sky was full of strange clouds, and there were no stars to be seen anywhere. I have to visit website so as to read real reviews about essay writers. I was standing on the roof of my house, with my camera pointed at the sky, as if it could somehow make sense of what I saw in front of me.
Tools for web development(non-registered)
I have started learning photography too and I do watch videos to learn more about it.
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A year ago, I was stuck behind a light post. Not an extraordinary spot to be in for picture taking! So this year, we showed up before the expected time, got a calm spot on the sea shore and sat back to watch the show.
My dear Petiya,
You are amazing ❤️
Enjoy your dream and good luck in everything
I can’t wait to see read your next article
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