My family trip to Groombridge Place England

June 20, 2019  •  3 Comments

Hello people,


One of the things I really love aside photography is to travel and to explore new places so today my blog post is actually a little photo walk in a wonderful countryside place not far away from London - Groombridge Place.

petyanikolovaphotography-39petyanikolovaphotography-39 Groombridge Place is located on a half an hour from London between East Sussex and Kent at the historic village of Groombridge.

"Described as one of the finest 17th-century classical mansion in England., it was built by Philip Packer a founder member of the Royal Society and a friend of Sir Christopher Wren, an architect of St. Paul's Cathedral.

The loggia at the front and the formal canal in the garden both show a strong Italian influence, inspired by Packer's "Grand Tour" of Europe in the 1640's. 

The design is in the style of Sir Christopher Wren, and it remains virtually unaltered since it was built around the time of the restoration of King Charles II in 1660."

The Place has a private Manor House not open to the public unfortunately but beautiful outside.

petyanikolovaphotography-49petyanikolovaphotography-49 petyanikolovaphotography-30petyanikolovaphotography-30 petyanikolovaphotography-37petyanikolovaphotography-37

petyanikolovaphotography-27petyanikolovaphotography-27 petyanikolovaphotography-48petyanikolovaphotography-48 petyanikolovaphotography-14petyanikolovaphotography-14

petyanikolovaphotography-11petyanikolovaphotography-11 And also it has lovely gardens very green and perfectly arranged, fairytale adventure forest with resident birds and dears and canal available for you to explore and enjoy.

petyanikolovaphotography-40petyanikolovaphotography-40 petyanikolovaphotography-43petyanikolovaphotography-43 petyanikolovaphotography-44petyanikolovaphotography-44 petyanikolovaphotography-45petyanikolovaphotography-45 petyanikolovaphotography-36petyanikolovaphotography-36

petyanikolovaphotography-3petyanikolovaphotography-3 petyanikolovaphotography-2petyanikolovaphotography-2 petyanikolovaphotography-1petyanikolovaphotography-1 petyanikolovaphotography-4petyanikolovaphotography-4 petyanikolovaphotography-5petyanikolovaphotography-5 petyanikolovaphotography-7petyanikolovaphotography-7 petyanikolovaphotography-9petyanikolovaphotography-9 petyanikolovaphotography-25petyanikolovaphotography-25 petyanikolovaphotography-26petyanikolovaphotography-26 petyanikolovaphotography-10petyanikolovaphotography-10 petyanikolovaphotography-12petyanikolovaphotography-12 So if you haven't been to Groombridge Place I hope the rest of the images will change your mind and you will go..:) Definitely is one of my favorite places to visit now and there is a lot of activities for adults and children too so it's a perfect place for a family day out and relax. More details you can find at the website of the Groombridge Estate where you can find anything you need..:)

I hope this blog post was a nice photo walk for you in the beautiful green countryside of England and you will find it inspirational and very calming..:)



petyanikolovaphotography-16petyanikolovaphotography-16 petyanikolovaphotography-20petyanikolovaphotography-20 petyanikolovaphotography-17petyanikolovaphotography-17 petyanikolovaphotography-34petyanikolovaphotography-34

petyanikolovaphotography-22petyanikolovaphotography-22 petyanikolovaphotography-21petyanikolovaphotography-21 petyanikolovaphotography-28petyanikolovaphotography-28 petyanikolovaphotography-32petyanikolovaphotography-32 petyanikolovaphotography-50petyanikolovaphotography-50 petyanikolovaphotography-51petyanikolovaphotography-51






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Thank you Polly..<3
Polly P.(non-registered)
Lovely pleace,great pictures❤
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