Photographing kids, useful tips.

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Hey all,


Photographing children can be a joyful and rewarding process but it's also uniquely challenging.

So here you can find some useful tips or I hope so...:)


1. Be flexible and follow kids lead

Working with children can be very unpredictable so the best thing is to follow their lead and to be patient. If you getting lots of candid moments that's ok or if you get more posing moments - that's ok too..:)The important thing is to get great photos!



2. Shoot at the child's level

For a great composition most of the time you need to shoot from the child's eye level. This creates a more natural perspective in your image.

Самуилpetya nikolova photography @2016Самуилpetya nikolova photography @2016


3. Try a variety of poses

Just try as many poses as possible and ask the child to do different poses, movements all the time so that way you will have plenty of photos to pick for the parents.

181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14181118© petyanikolovaphotography-14


4. Capture candid photos

Posing images are very nice but the moments between posing, the very natural ones are just great and most of the parents would love them!

petyanikolovaphotography2016 (1 of 1)-2petyanikolovaphotography2016 (1 of 1)-2


5. Don't tire the children

When photographing children the time is very important because kids getting very tired and bored quickly so shoot quickly and set your camera to it's fastest shutter speed and use a high ISO to freeze speed moments.

20180901- petya nikolova photography-4020180901- petya nikolova photography-40


6. Speaking with children

It's very important to create a bond with the children and to make them feel calm and comfortable. Talk to them about the real things like what they like to do for example...



7. Tickles

Always help with all ages

© petya nikolova photography-9© petya nikolova photography-9


8. Offer a reward

Always help with all ages too..:)

20180922- petya nikolova photography-2120180922- petya nikolova photography-21


9. Take a break

If the kid is not in the mood just give him/her a break. Always help!

20180811- petya nikolova photography-1020180811- petya nikolova photography-10


10. Don't force it!

The harder you try the more reluctant they will become!

© petya nikolova photography-4 2© petya nikolova photography-4 2


These are all my tips for getting nice children photos and I really hope to help you with the challenge called kids..:)

But one thing is for sure more you shoot more you get and the results are getting better and better..:)









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